Maximize the Value of Your Inherited Antiques and Furnishings

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory

Have you recently inherited a house filled with antiques, furnishing and various other accessories? Are you overwhelmed and considering just renting storage space and dealing with it later? While that may seem like a convenient solution, there are better options available to you.

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With over fifty years experience in the Dallas area antique auction and estate sale industry, I can assist you in placing your items in the market where they will fetch the highest possible price. And the best part is I am able to offer this service to you completely free of charge!

The Top Three Estate Options


Rare and highly collectible items are perfect for sale at a well known auction house that attracts national and international buyers. Auctions encourage competitive bidding in an environment where everyone has a fair chance to purchase items. And unlike estate sales, there is no limit on how much an item might sell for. The item pictured above came from a small Dallas estate where only three items out of the whole estate were put up for auction. This rare early American chest of drawers sold for $500,000 at auction!

Estate Sales

For the vast majority of estate merchandise, a well advertised local estate sale is a great solution. There are no extra expenses of moving and insuring items to another location. The items display nicely in their original setting. The sale lasts for several days giving ample opportunity to find buyers. And the estate sale company does all the clean up before and after the sale. Generally you are left with a completely empty house once the sale is over.

Estate/Auction Hybrid

A fairly new service from estate sale companies is the estate sale online timed auction. Items in the estate are prepared for sale as usual, but are also photographed and given lot numbers. They are then put online in an auction that can be open for any amount of days while customers place bids online. On the final day at a set time, items begin closing one at a time and as long as people keep bidding on a lot it stays open. If bidding stops for a certain amount of time the lot is sold to the high bidder and the next item comes up for sale.

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